218° Santorini Café Restaurant in Oia – Magnificent Sea View
218° Santorini Café Restaurant in Oia – Magnificent Sea View
218° Santorini Café Restaurant in Oia – Magnificent Sea View
218° Café Restaurant –  Interior of the Restaurant
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218° All Day Café Restaurant have been constructed in levels, leading you from the one place to the other via charming steps reflecting the Cycladic architecture, which prevails throughout Santorini Island.

The tables and comfortable chairs and sofas have been arranged to offer stunning views, making 218° Café Restaurant in Santorini one of the most romantic spots in Oia.

At the interior areas of the restaurant, the cave-like roof, the stone details and the curves, as well as the engravings decorating the walls create a traditional, yet cozy atmosphere constituting the 218° one of the leading cafe - restaurants in Santorini.

Our friendly staff providing swift service and our great prices reflecting how much we value our guests will certainly make all compasses point at the direction of the 218° All Day Café Restaurant in Oia Santorini.

Over the Course of Time...

Build in 1866 as a Canava (Winery) played a vivid part in the history of Oia for the past two centuries.

Grapes coming from the valley of ‘Baxedes’ were carefully turned into different types of wine, raki of the famous Vinsanto and then sent to the port of Armeni just in the foot hill underneath our Canava.

Respecting that heritage, our Café – Restaurant has been carefully renovated to preserve the character and features of the past. In the same time we offer delicious menu with traditional recipes adapted to the contemporary culinary standards. You can also enjoy your coffee or cocktail along with the unique view of the Caldera.

Feel free to enter and have a look at this unique establishment of the 19th century.

Take some pictures and be part of our history.