Taste the famous Greek Souvlaki in Oia Santorini Greece at 218° Santorini Restaurant
Taste the famous Pastitsio in Oia Santorini Greece at 218° Santorini Restaurant
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Cafe Santorini Restaurant Oia, 218° Santorini Greek Restaurant Oia Cafe Restaurant Santorini Food

Except the enchantingly majestic views, at the all day café restaurant 218° in Oia Santorini you will surely love the many mouthwatering options that you will find at its Menu since it consists of dishes that will satisfy all kinds of tastes. Enjoy a great dining experience at very competitive prices.

Try a wide selection of dishes with ‘touches’ from the Mediterranean, Cycladic, and Cretan cuisine. All dishes are carefully created and prepared to satisfy even the most ‘demanding’ palate!

We also have some delicious suggestions to accompany your coffee or your freshly squeezed juice, regardless of the time of day you will visit us.

Our chef uses only the finest local ingredients. We do our best for you to fully enjoy the tastes, to appreciate the quality, and to have an overall unforgettable experience at 218° all day café restaurant.